Slide rail
Stainless steel hydraulic hinge
Iron hydraulic hinge
Shallow cup stainless steel hydraulic hinge
Shallow cup iron hydraulic hinge
Butterfly stainless steel hinge
Stainless steel hinge
Stainless steel bolt
Stainless steel door bolt
Alarm button anti-daolian
Product packaging
Suction door series
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        Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, NaYu Hardware Products Factory is a professional enterprise hardware production engineering support, our factory located in China hardware base in the city - Guangdong Jieyang.
       Adhering to the "focus on achievement of perfection" philosophy, with Seiko quality for the position, the optimal allocation of the enterprise as a whole, is fully committed to creating the most professional hardware products. Since its inception, with superior product quality and integrity, winning widespread customer acceptance, and gradually form a nationwide sales network.
       NaYu Hardware Products Factory innovation-driven, create the ultimate quality. Attract a large number of professional and technical personnel, management personnel, operations personnel, to establish a good innovation system, the driving force for the factory into the development. Equipped with advanced production equipment, standardized production base, standardized quality control system to fully protect product quality. People-oriented product concept, development of products not only beautiful, durable, etc., but also with people's habits for design, product installation, the use of more convenient and easy.
       Looking to the future, satisfied the spirit of sincere metal buildings, the concept of quality Industrial, invites the community to communicate with us, cooperation, and initiatives in a better future.


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